Dan Buster Overdrive Pedal £125


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The Dan Buster is a custom overdrive based on the tweakable Tube Screamer

‘Drive’ - Adjusts the amount of distortion. ‘Level’ - Controls the overall volume of the effect.
‘Tone’ - Controls the amount of high frequency contour. Adds bite to the sound or makes it mellower.

Tech Specs/Power
The Dan Buster uses true bypass switching.

Size: 110 X 60 X 40 mm Weight: 290 grams excluding battery
Power: 9V battery or 9V DC centre negative adapter (2.1mm)
Current draw: 8ma

For powering the pedal, the use of a well regulated power 9V DC power supply is recommended. Batteries aren’t good for the environment. If you always use an external adapter to power the pedal it is recommended that the battery be removed. The use of power supplies other than the type specified may damage the pedal. Never use AC power adapters or exceed 9V DC.

DIP switches – a bank of 4 DIP switches on the circuit board. Be gentle with these if you choose to change the settings! 1-3 are different clipping options as follows: 1 – symmetrical, 2 – asymmetrical, 3 – alternate asymmetrical.  Only have one of these on at once. If you don’t know what this stuff means, don’t worry - leave switch 1 ON and the rest OFF. Switch 4 is for more bass.

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